If your project requires the demolition of an old basement or you simply have a currently unfinished basement, we are up to the task. SA Renos will look after demolition, framing, insulating, drywall, and all of the finishing detail to your specifications. My motto is if I wouldn’t accept it in my home I won’t leave it that way in your home.We do good honest work. I stake my reputation on it and so do all of the contractors that work with me.

Drywall & Taping

Drywalling and taping can sometimes be very messy and difficult to clean if not done properly. SA Renos can look after properly installing drywall sheets, transporting materials and tapping the walls for plaster in your home, ensuring a seamless and smooth finish for painting prep. We make sure that the necessary steps and taken to efficiently install your drywall along with cleaning up the dusty mess.


Whether your bathroom requires a simple refresh and new look, or if it is absolutely necessary to do a complete renovation due to mildew, mold and rotting from moisture leeks. SA Renos can look after demolition, installing new fittings, rough ins, moisture barriers and properly restore your bathroom.The bathroom is a critical room in your home in avoiding further damage to the rest of your home, by properly preventing leeks and moisture from seeping down walls and under walls, where bacteria and mold tend to generate over time.


Often referred to as the room in which we spend the most amount of time in, your kitchen should be suited to your taste and functional. SA Renos can improve the look and feel of your kitchen and improve the value of your home with a kitchen renovation. With capabilities in back splash tiling, counter top installations, cabinetry and overall finishing; a kitchen renovation can really change the atmosphere of your home.

Decks & Fences

Decks & Fences are a spring time specialty, especially if you are moving into a newly build home. With many years of experience in fence and deck design installation, SA Renos will look after everything from digging, material selections and installation of your desired fence or deck. Our proven techniques and experience have allowed SA Renos to effectively and properly install fences and decks that will last the test of time and weather.

Flooring & Tiling

Flooring installation and finishing is another added service in which SA Renos can look after for you. We have experience with installing Hardwood floors, Tiles, Laminate Flooring, Carpeting and many more flooring options.


SA Renos can effectively and properly perform a demolition for any residential situation. We have experience in properly removing materials and garbage generated from a demolition. Also, we take the necessary steps to ensure we do not accidentally interfere with electrical circuitry, plumbing or H-vac systems.