Residential Renovation Nov 2011

Dear Steve,

I was so pleased that you were chosen as the contractor of choice for our most recent house renovation project together, and the subsequent sale of the East York 2 bedroom bungalow in November, 2011.

As a realtor, I know the importance of taking the time to prepare the house before bringing it to the marketplace. The objective, of course is to accomplish the best possible price for the seller… continue reading

Condo Refresh Fall 2010

Good morning Steve,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for an excellent job well done..The quality of the workmanship and the performance of your staff were superb.I am very pleased with the overall look and feel of this redecorating project.

Once again thank you for a job well done


Jack Pettigrew

Basement Reno Summer 2010

Steve Aker undertook the renovation of our basement on May 31, 2010.

Originally, it was just to be the installation of a bathroom, and the renovation of the larger room in the basement, but through discussion it was decided that the overall renovation of the basement was a better solution.

It was an huge task.  Cracks were found in the foundation wall, which might never have been discovered had the entire basement not been gutted.

The precision and care taken by Steve and his contractors is commendable.  Each phase of the work was well thought out and carried out as per plan.

Several anomalies were found in the wiring, and plumbing.  These were corrected prior to any other work being completed.

Before we cleaned up the panel

Each facet of the work was discussed and planned with us, including the placement of appliances, lighting, outlets, flooring (including carpeting and installation of laminate) , and paint colours.

The painting, installation of the bathroom, and flooring was carried out with care and precision.  The completed product was beautiful and has received accolades from friends and family alike.

Steve Aker is a wonderful craftsman and takes great pride in his work.  He not only seeks approval from his clients, he insists that his work meets his own strict standards.

We would recommend him to anyone seeking a true craftsman, who takes pride in all of the work he performs.


Carolyn and Bob Bustraen

Home resale renovation/refresh Spring 2010

May, 2010

217 Woodville Avenue in East York is a two-bedroom house built in 1943.  The same family occupied it for 64 years and while it was kept in good condition generally, the interior needed a thorough cleaning and some up grading mostly in painting.

The two bedrooms had paneling, which was removed, and the walls repaired, sanded and painted.  All of the woodwork was repainted and repaired where required the bathroom was in good condition requiring some painting and general cleaning.

The living room ceiling had water damage and Steve contracted a professional plasterer to do the work.  SA Renos then painted the ceiling and walls.  The dining room was painted as well.  All the woodwork was repaired where necessary and painted.  The kitchen, which had newer cabinets and tiling, needed to be painted. The stairs to the basement were re-carpeted by a carpet installation team brought in by SA Renos.

In the basement, the laundry room floor was replaced and the floors in the furnace room and oil tank room were painted.  The two bedrooms were washed and then painted.  Any repairs that needed doing were done before the painting.  Once again Steve and his team at SA Renos completed all of this work.

Getting the old fridge and freezer out of the basement proved to be a challenge as both were put in before the stairwell was paneled and as a result they could not fit up the stairs anymore.  Steve Aker managed to get both items outside after checking with others to insure the best and safest way to deal with it.

As a result of all the work done by SA Renos Ltd., the appraised value of the house rose $151,000 and the house sold over the asking price.  All of the work was completed very satisfactorily and the work areas were kept very tidy and clean at all times.

The result of all this work was a very cozy, bright and liveable East York home and a very happy seller!

B. Aker

Basement Reno Fall 2009

In November 2009 we decided to renovate our basement.  After interviewing four different contractors we decided to go with Steve Aker.  He produced a highly detailed and comprehensive proposal that we were able to review and understand.  His professionalism, dedication to quality of work and creativity in workmanship went beyond our expectations.

Mr. Aker not only completed our basement renovation within the timelines he promised but was within the budget we agreed upon.  He took pride in everything he did from the moment he started the project to the moment he finished it.  Steve kept us updated with his weekly progress reports and always had contingency plans in place in case things did not go as planned.  This type of proactive planning and communication is just another way Mr. Aker proved to be a professional in his field.

Steve always made sure after every days work he left the basement in a clean and safe manner.  We never worried about his attendance,

his honesty or his integrity.  I would leave Mr. Aker unattended at our home for most of the day during the renovation and never had an issue in doing so.Living through a renovation is never easy but Mr. Aker made the process seamless and painless.  In conclusion, good  contractors are far and few between and when you find one, you do everything to keep professional like this in business, therefore we recommended and continue to recommend his expertise to all our friends, family and associates.


Cynthia Hill

Basement Project

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to send a note stating how pleased my wife Pirjo and I are with the work you did for us. The basement looks amazing and Pirjo actually spends time there now that it is completely refinished. From the baseboards to the cornice moldings the detail and workmanship is impeccable. I would highly recommend you to anyone. And, it was done within a week of the estimated timetable.

Thanks again Steve and keep up the good work.


Craig Cats


Winexpert Pickering